We are committed to providing exceptional solutions for your business. Our Dedicated Staffing Service is a unique offering designed to bring efficiency, accuracy and peace of mind to your management.

What is the dedicated staffing service at Mutual all about?

The MBS Dedicated Staffing Service is a comprehensive solution that allows you to have a fully committed employee working for your company.


You don’t have to worry about the management. We do the whole process so that you only have to choose from a shortlist pre-selected by our exhaustive fltros to guarantee the best management.


It’s not just about outsourcing tasks; it’s about having an additional team member dedicated to your success.

How does it work?


Assignment of a dedicated expertise

We start by assigning one of our highly qualified professionals to your company. This expert becomes an integral part of your team and immerses himself in your business to understand your specific needs.


Collaboration continuous

Our dedicated staff works hand-in-hand with your internal team to ensure smooth communication and collaboration. They are available to answer questions, provide guidance and address any financial needs that arise.



We work with you to customize a service plan that perfectly fits your needs. Whether it’s accounting, strategic financial planning, data analysis or any other essential service, our dedicated staff is ready to meet your needs.


Long-term commitment

We are not just a short-term resource. We are committed to the long-term success of your business. We adapt our services as your business evolves and grows.


Define the profile

We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and the qualifications required for staffing.


Internal evaluation of the curriculum

Our in-house team, with access to specialized profiles, reviews resumes to pre-select candidates who meet the initial criteria.


Detection and filtering

Candidates go through an initial screening process to assess their qualifications and suitability for the position.


Interviews preliminary

Short-listed candidates are invited to preliminary interviews conducted by our team of experts. These interviews assess their experience, skills and cultural fit.


Evaluations techniques

Candidates must complete technical assessments that are tailored to the specific job profile. These evaluations ensure that they have the necessary technical expertise.


Presentation to the customer

We present a carefully selected list of candidates who have successfully passed all stages of our selection process. You have the opportunity to review their profiles and select those you would like to interview further.


Labor commitment

Once you have identified the candidates you wish to proceed with, we facilitate the recruitment process, including negotiations and contract signing.


Review of the working conditions remote and on-site

We ensure that all conditions for remote and on-site work at our facilities meet the welfare and safety standards required for the role.

This is how we carry out the selection process of dedicated personnel.

At Mutual Business Solutions (MBS), we pride ourselves on our meticulous selection process to ensure that our clients have access to top-notch, dedicated personnel.


Here you will find a detailed description of our recruitment process:


We work closely with you to drive growth and create value through our three service lines.

Key benefits of our dedicated staffing service

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Experience and Expertise

Experience and Expertise

Our professionals bring years of experience in various industries. Their knowledge becomes your most valuable asset.

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Efficiency and Productivity

Efficiency and Productivity

By delegating strategic tasks to a dedicated expert, you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.
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Accuracy and Compliance

Accuracy and Compliance

We ensure that your operations comply with regulations and best practices. Accuracy is our top priority.
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We adapt our services to your changing needs, allowing you to scale and adjust your financial operations.

We have the talent you need for your company with remote offices in Latin America.

  • Highly qualified professionals chosen by our customers
  • Constant tracking
  • Cost savings on installation, recruitment, training and employee retention costs
  • Delegate strategic tasks to a dedicated expert
  • An extension of your Latin American office

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